vrijdag 15 juli 2016

www.motoradventures-costabrava.com organizes together with Brabant motorcycle rental at B & B Masia la Pineda on the Costa Brava in Spain-made packages for road bikes from October 15 2016 to January 15, 2017

this stand 6 rental motorcycles of motorcycle rental Brabant arriving at B & B masia-lapineda and also provides motorcycle adventures-Costa Brava to meet a day or afternoon with enduro offroad driving in the prachte Spanish hinterland and the coast around Lloret de Mar, Tossa the mar and Sant feliu de guixols with many beautiful views
do motor adventures of a 7 number Yamaha WRF 250-450 Enduro bikes ready, also clothes and boots are provided to make it a fun experience

B & Bs Masia la pineda www.masa-lapineda.com here is our home this beautiful renovated masia (farm)
is very suitable, because the location has excellent rooms, apartments, cabanas de Madeira, and a fifth numerous camping pitches, so everyone is there a suitable come under present

at B & B la masia pineda for groups also possible a complete package with an excellent 3 course evening meal

B & B la masia pineda also a complete workshop, (mechanic), laundry, closed garage and ample parking, including motorcycle trailers and trucks

Motorcycle adventures costabrava also regulates motor transport from and to Spain, with the endpoint s masia la pineda where you can get your engine and can return again, please check the website of motorcycle adventures-Costa Brava, here you can also give a big bag, so you can fly with a small suitcase, and can be picked up by motor-adventures costabrava

motor-adventures costa brava for a complete motorbike holiday in Spain from A to Z

motor-adventures costabrava wishes you fine motor days in spain

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